Nov 01

DomainTools provides all the tools you need when it comes to choosing domain names and their registration. It provides detailed uptime reports on providers, whois history database, and more.

DynDNS – provides domain name system services with the highest levels of redundancy, service, and support in the industry.

DnsStuff empowers users with excellent tools and expertise to test, resolve and configure their DNS and Network. It includes DNS lookups, WHOIS/IPWHOIS, DNS hosting tests, IPv6, IP-to-country, and spam database lookups.

EveryDNS – provides free DNS and backup MX services. This includes Static DNS, Dynamic DNS and URL Redirection.

OpenDNS – offers static DNS services as well as other advanced services such as Secondary service, Dynamic DNS resolution, AXFR service. Of course, their primary service is free DNS. OpenDNS provides you with the tools to see what’s happening on your network.