Domain Name Servers

What are domain name servers?

Domain name is the name given to the IP address of each server. You might be known of the IP address which is individual for every computer and is used in same terms as telephone number to reach specific computer and communicate with that. As these numbers are not easy to memories so to have them recognized domain names are given to them.
So the service resolving the names is named as “domain-name Service” or more precisely “domain-name System” (DNS).

As one uses some web page and uses email service he utilizes domain name service or DNS.

The Domain Name Server Database

A person can make more than a hundred domain name server request per day. As millions of people are using internet almost all the time so the DNS database is the largest database worldwide.
The database has been distributed around the world and is maintained via computers planted different locations around the globe.
Not just an organization is responsible for the database maintenance but more then million people are playing their roles in updating and maintaining the database. In course of a day more and more domain names and IP addresses are created while additions are made with the pre-existing domains.

The way DNS works:

Domain name servers and Web Hosting: following are the steps utilized while connecting people to WebPages:
–    Domain names for websites are registered with the Domain Name Registrar by the website owners.
–    As soon as one open one’s account with some web hosting provider, the web hosting server sends information about the account holder.
–    The web hosting client enters the name server provided to him through control panel for domain name. Thus, directing the domain to the name servers i.e. ns1 and ns2.
In case the web hosting client have more than a single account with same website, they might set up some more domains through their domain name or web-hosting control panels utilizing same name servers i.e. ns1 and ns2.
The often time taken for the propagation of each domain name is often 24 hours, but in some cases the time for propagation might be less than even an hour.
Domain name server and Website Access:
Domain name servers are specialized to convert domain names into IP addresses and IP addresses in to Domain names. This facilitates users to access the web page they are trying to reach.
But how does it work? User simply types in the URL for the required website, in the address box. As soon as he press “GO” button the request for particular domain is made. The browser than connects to the DNS to search for the IP address, related. If the domain name soon match with the IP address, you are likely to display soon and if not, then the page will take some time for its display.