How to Switch Hosting Providers Avoiding Downtime

Moving your web site from one host to another can seem like something really time consuming and difficult task especially when you are unaware of the “Simple steps” involved in the shifting from one to another host. I have added, all of those steps you would have to take for web site shifting purpose, under this note. These steps will don’t consume much downtime.
Let’s gather the knowledge about these steps:
But before you leap ahead the most important and foremost thing to be kept in your mind is not to terminate your existing host account until you get your web site completely shifted to new location. There are probabilities that you are not satisfied by your existing host but you must keep in mind that you need to keep your web site until you are sure of the fact that your site has been successfully launched by your new host and it is now functioning successfully with new host.
Following are the steps which can avoid your shifting process consuming much downtime.

STEP 1: Chose a New Hosting Provider

As the first step you would require to choose new hosting provider, which may be capable for fulfilling your requirements.

STEP 2: create a new account

Sign up with your freshly chosen host. If you have signed-up you are ready to move to next step.

STEP 3: back up all of your files from prior account

This is a simple step but it may take time because of the size of your web site. Gather all of your files from the website using FTP.

STEP 4: Upload all your files to your new account with chosen host

After you have downloaded your files from your web site you would require uploading all of the files to your newly created account.

STEP 5: Create new Mailing Accounts

To lose any of the important email, you would require creating same email addresses with your new host as were there with old host.

STEP 6: check your files and links

Now, check all of the files and pages of your website. The links also require verification, for them to be working in right order.  For assistance you can make a temporary URL to your website. The easy way for this is creating a sub-domain for another URL and then directing it to your website.
Any of good web hosting providers can provide you with the option to create temporary URL for you to test your shifted web site.

STEP 7: Change your DNS

After file uploading and verification of your web site’s workability you would require for changing your DNS.  Your new host would provide you with new settings for DNS.

STEP 8:  Waiting for the propagation of the DNS changes

Once the changes are made with the DNS setting you would require waiting for the propagation of the changes made. It may take 1 hour or at most 24 hour.

STEP 9: cancel pre-existing account

As soon as you are sure about the DNS setting propagation, you are free to cancel your old account.
Following these steps can be so assisting to save excessive downtime.