Dedicated Server Hosting – The Features and Benefits of Using Dedicated Servers

To direct more and more traffic to your website with increased number of hit per month you require having a more workable hosting plan then you already have.
It is sure that you had some plan for your website which has worked so far but now, is the time for the better hosting plan. you must have confronted losses for your password have been stolen and also consuming more downtime. You have of course invested much of your assets and capabilities with your this project and it is now coming out with some better plans. But you are not in position to bear any more losses, right? Then you need to find and give a closer considering look to the plans for dedicated server and choose the right plans with faster response.
You need to know what dedicated server actually is. Well! to provide you with little knowledge I can add that it actually is a hardware piece that is rented to you by your service provider. Dedicated server comes with its own processor its own hard drive, RAM and bandwidth ability. They are so flexible that they allow installing any sort of program and also running the installed program.
Dedicated servers are the great way to replace your shared servers as they come with many benefits which you have been denied of in your shared servers. They come with the ability to direct more and more traffic to your site and also with the software intensive web and gaming applications. Some of the other features are also listed below to make you aware about the profits you gain using the “dedicated server”.
Customization is the best feature included with the dedicated servers. You are provided with the ability to fully customize and also build your own server, dedicated server.
Dedicated server is far more reliable then shared server. As your website is rum exclusively on the separate or dedicated server so it is not at risk for collapsing down as the neighboring site has some sort of problem with it. this can result in shared server.
Your website is far more secure on the dedicated server as compared to it being secure at shared server. Only you have excess to your site. The possibilities for it being stricken by the viruses are also low.
Dedicated servers are the chief providers for the unique IP address; this means your site has its own unique IP address and all of the traffic moving to this IP address will be directed to your web site only. In shared hosts many sites are provide with single IP address so the traffic to reach your site has to pass through many steps, which also takes much time to get to the right place.
You also have the option to upgrade your website now and then. So if you want to increase the traffic flow your way it is better to keep upgrading your website. This will not only add to your web traffic but also your profit.