How to Choose a Domain Name

A good domain name can guarantee success of your website while a domain chosen poorly can be a hurdle in the way of your website success.

Domain name content

Choosing a domain name means a name which should be unique but one who remains in the user’s memory for success. It should be thus, easy to remember. If you are up to some business site then be informed that domain name must have the business name in it.

Domain name variation

If you want to keep other people from capitalizing over your success, then you require registering with different extensions of your domain name. Check your domain name from miss-spellings, if it has some then register them and then point them to your web site. If your website is meant to be a mode of advertisement then generic domains can be very helpful.

Things to avoid in Domain Name

Here are few of the things which should be avoided with the domain name, as they can be confusing in a way or more. Let’s take a close look.
Numbers are quite confusing so in case you are using them you must register them with both types i.e. numeral and word. While you put 1 or 0 with your domain name you need special care to go with. 1 can look like letter “I” while 0 can be taken as “O”.
Pick a general name for your domain. Try avoiding hyphens in the domain name as far as possible; using them is not a good idea at all. Don’t pick a name which can be confused for “plural” or “singular”. If you have picked one then register with both singular and plural form.
Avoid picking a domain name which consists of double consonants.

What should be the length of the domain name?

Be informed that shortest names are registered already. But you need to consider the length of the domain name as it is most important a factor which can result in success or failure.
Keep these points in your mind then:
–    Shorter domain name is easy to remember and also typing. This can be easy also as the chances for the errors are far low.
–    Longer can also be beneficial as phrases are quite easy to be remembered.
–    Don’t use more than three or four words in your domain name.

Do’s and don’ts for domain name selection

Here are few of the things which are listed for the “do’s and don’ts for selecting your domain name”. Try practicing them while you select your domain name.
–    Don’t get your domain name registered from your Web Host, even if they offer you free service for the name registration.
–    Keep renewing your domain names, before they are expired.
–    Before signing up for some domain name, research and also read the registrar’s ToS.
–    Don’t chargeback with domains in your account.
–    Always use the registrar’s ticketing system for feedback, avoid emailing for this purpose.