Nov 04

BusyThumbs – free moblogs for the next generation. Designed for camera phone images.

Xanco is a free mobile weblog, or lifelog. You can take photos or shoot videos with your camera phone and share them with your friends or family anywhere in the world using a lifelog. Add a subject and description and simply upload them to Xanco using email or MMS.

Trippert – travel blogs. Share your travels with the world, find new and cool places to go, add photos and descriptions.

Blogabond is dedicated to travel blogs with map integration. If you’re a world traveler, have got photos to post, stories to tell, and, well, travel to blog about, this one is for you.

BlogCheese – offers video blogging. With BlogCheese you can use your webcam to: stay in touch with friends, tell a story, sing a song—you’re talented!

Freevlog is dedicated to video blogging.

Word Count Journal is a new blog format where you write one word your first day, two words the second, three words the thist, etc. By the end of a non-leap year you’ll have written a total of 66.795 words, more words than most novels.

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